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Timekeeping Solutions:

Automating Hour Tracking and Attendance

Manual timekeeping processes drain productivity in today’s modern workplaces. Without automated systems, managers struggle tracking hours worked, schedules, time off requests, and overtime. However, seamless time and attendance solutions are within reach.

The right timekeeping software simplifies these challenges by providing:

  • Easy employee punch-in options
  • Rules to ensure payroll accuracy
  • Tools to manage schedules and time-off requests
  • Alerts for overtime pre-approvals
  • Reporting on hours worked
  • Integration with your payroll system

Automated solutions empower employees and managers while controlling labor costs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of timekeeping automation and how a PEO makes it simple to implement for your business.

Top Benefits of Automated Timekeeping

Some of the key advantages that time and attendance systems offer over manual approaches include:

Reduced Payroll Errors

With manual systems, incorrect hours get recorded, overtime goes unnoticed, and payroll errors happen. Automated software validates punches, applies pay rules, tracks overtime, and feeds verified data to payroll – resulting in increased accuracy.

Real-Time Visibility

Cloud-based timekeeping solutions give managers instant insight into who is working, when employees arrive and leave, overtime, and more. Online data replaces paper logs.

Simplified Compliance

Manual tracking makes wage and hour compliance difficult. Automatic systems enforce policies and meal/rest break rules. Data trails help avoid disputes.

Decreased Time Theft

The buddy punching risk decreases with individual logins and validation rules. Alerts flag early/late punches, skipped breaks, and overtime for review.

Enhanced Scheduling

Timekeeping systems centralize shift scheduling, PTO requests, and open shift swapping. Managers gain flexibility in coverage.

Increased Productivity

When payroll and attendance tracking becomes automated, managers devote less time to administrative tasks and more time to strategic work.

With so many advantages, it’s clear why automated time and attendance systems are becoming indispensable tools for HR managers.

Best Practices for Implementation

Follow these tips to maximize the value from rolling out a new timekeeping system:

Involve managers – Get buy-in from leadership and input on needed features before choosing a system.

Train employees – Explain the benefits of automation and teach employees how to use the software to drive adoption.

Link to payroll – Ensure tight integration between timekeeping and payroll for seamless data flow.

Leverage data – Use software reporting and analytics to gain workforce insights for smarter planning.

Customize configuration – Set up pay rules, notifications, and approval workflows that align to your policies.

Consider biometrics – Fingerprint scans and facial recognition offer added punch security over ID/password logins.

Monitor adoption – Track employee use, feedback and seek ongoing improvements to boost utilization.

Change brings challenges. Following best practices keeps your timekeeping rollout on track and ensures maximum value realization.

PEOs Simplify Time and Attendance

For small businesses without expansive HR teams, implementing a new timekeeping system seems daunting. However, partnering with a PEO provides a turnkey solution.

PEOs offer elegant timekeeping software and automation that typically includes:

  • Easy online and mobile punch options
  • Real-time management oversight
  • Schedules, time-off requests, and shift swapping
  • Pay rules to ensure compliance
  • Overtime tracking and pre-approvals
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Integration with payroll
  • Availability in Spanish and English

Because PEOs support many clients, they provide economies of scale. Businesses get access to advanced systems at an affordable price. The PEO handles setup, training, and support – making automation achievable even for very small companies.

Streamline Timetracking with J. Gregory PEO

Antiquated manual approaches to managing employee hours are rife with problems and consume too much management time. Automated time and attendance solutions resolve these headaches.

Partnering with a PEO gives small businesses access to modern punch-in technology, real-time data, and integration with payroll – all at a reasonable cost.

Contact us today to learn more about employing a PEO for your timekeeping needs. It’s time to punch paper timecards goodbye!

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