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Meet Your Dedicated HR Team for Georgia

Operating and growing a successful business in Georgia comes with unique opportunities along with complex compliance requirements and administrative challenges. To thrive in the Peach State, companies need localized expertise and strategic support from HR professionals who understand the Georgia landscape.

That’s where J. Gregory PEO comes in. We act as an extension of your management team to provide tailored HR solutions to organizations across Georgia. Our experienced Georgia-based consultants become your dedicated HR department, handling payroll, benefits, compliance, workers’ comp, employee relations, and more so you can stay focused on your core business operations and customers.

With J. Gregory PEO as your partner, you get access to the resources and expertise of a Fortune 500 HR team customized for your small or mid-sized Peach State business. We help Georgia companies like yours optimize HR, empower your workforce, reduce risks, and drive growth. Let us simplify HR so you can get back to innovation and taking care of customers.

We Provide Full-Service HR Tailored for Georgia

J. Gregory PEO delivers our full suite of HR solutions with an understanding of the Georgia operating environment. Our services tailored for Peach State businesses include:

Local Payroll Experts – Our Georgia payroll specialists ensure accurate, timely payroll processing along with seamless tax payments and filings. We guarantee proper earnings calculations based on jurisdiction.

Top-Tier Benefits – We leverage our group purchasing power to offer budget-friendly health insurance, retirement plans, life insurance, and other essential benefits to help you attract and retain top talent.

Outsourced HR – Our Georgia HR experts serve as your dedicated HR department, providing strategic, compliant guidance and services around employee handbooks, hiring, training, terminations and more.

Workers Comp Savings – We use our scale to substantially reduce workers’ compensation costs for Georgia businesses while managing claims, cases, and return-to-work smoothly.

Compliance Assurance – Our team keeps you up-to-date on changing Georgia employment regulations around ADA, FLSA, OSHA, unemployment insurance, workers’ comp and more to avoid risks and penalties.

Flexible, Customized Solutions – We tailor our HR outsourcing based on each company’s unique priorities, risks, budget, workforce size, and industry. You retain control over your business.

Local PEO Support Across Georgia

With locations spanning the Peach State, J. Gregory PEO provides both statewide HR resources and region-specific expertise. Our teams understand the distinct needs of businesses in metro markets like Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and beyond.

For statewide support, we offer services like payroll, benefits, HR consulting, safety guidance, E-Verify, workers’ comp, and timekeeping tailored for Georgia employers and regulations.

In Atlanta, we have dedicated staff providing payroll, health plans, HR services, safety initiatives, I-9s and more customized specifically for Atlanta companies.

Our Savannah office delivers tailored offerings such as payroll, benefits, HR assistance, workers’ comp, safety consulting, and rewards programs designed for the coastal Georgia business environment.

We are also expanding into Augusta in 2023 to provide localized support and HR expertise to Augusta-area businesses.

The bottom line? J. Gregory PEO has the statewide resources and regional knowledge to provide full-service HR tailored for Georgia business owners. Let us handle HR so you can focus on serving customers and outperforming competitors in the Peach State. Contact us today to learn more!

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