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Handling all the recruiting, onboarding, training, compliance, performance management, workplace issues, and day-to-day HR needs without a dedicated HR team can quickly overwhelm small business owners. J. Gregory PEO provides comprehensive HR outsourcing so you can focus on growing your business, not HR administration.

The HR Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Without a full HR staff, small businesses often struggle to keep up with changing regulations, ensure handbook compliance, tackle recruiting and retention, handle training, resolve employee conflicts, and manage HR compliance risks. Wearing all the HR hats spreads business owners thin.

Developing expertise across the many facets of human resources – from Title VII to NLRB rules, FMLA administration, ADA guidance, and more – requires constant continuing education. Staying on top of HR compliance and best practices typically falls low on priority lists. But non-compliance exposes small businesses to substantial legal risks and penalties.

How J. Gregory PEO Provides Turnkey HR

J. Gregory PEO serves as your outsourced HR department, providing strategic guidance and handling day-to-day tasks including:

  • Updating employee handbooks and ensuring policies follow latest regulations
  • Assisting with job postings, screening applicants, interviews, and hiring
  • Onboarding new employees including paperwork, system access, equipment, and training
  • Overseeing performance management, goal setting, and reviews
  • Providing HR advice/counseling on conflicts, documentation, terminations, and more
  • Ensuring harassment prevention and other required training is completed
  • Staying on top of changing HR compliance rules and requirements

We become your trusted HR partners so you can focus on your expertise – delighting customers and growing your business.

The Benefits of Outsourcing HR to J. Gregory PEO

Partnering with J. Gregory PEO for your human resource needs provides immense advantages including:

Risk Mitigation – Our HR pros ensure you avoid noncompliance penalties, lawsuits, and reputational damage.

Time Savings – Outsourcing HR lifts huge administrative burdens off your shoulders and existing staff.

Expertise – Our certified HR team has the advanced knowledge to tackle any HR situation big or small.

Cost Avoidance – Our economies of scale let you access top-tier HR capabilities without expensive in-house hires.

Proactive Guidance – We alert you to changing laws and provide counsel tailored to your business needs, not just transactional support.

Peace of Mind – Knowing HR compliance, risks, and employee relations are handled reduces stress and frees you to focus on your expertise.

To access comprehensive HR support without extra overhead costs, partner with the pros at J Gregory PEO today.

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