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Finding affordable and competitive employee benefits as a small business can be extremely challenging. J. Gregory PEO provides access to a full range of top-tier benefits plans to help you attract, retain, and support top talent.

The Benefits Challenges Facing Small Businesses

For small companies, providing comprehensive health insurance, retirement savings options, life insurance, and other essential benefits often seems impossible. Limited capital and smaller pools of employees put fully insured plans out of reach cost-wise. And the resources required to manage self-insured plans divert focus from core operations.

As a result, many small businesses are unable to offer robust benefits, making recruiting and retention difficult – especially when competing with larger firms. For owners, deciding which plans to offer with limited budgets feels like juggling tradeoffs. And once plans are chosen, managing enrollment, changes, terminations, COBRA compliance, and ongoing administration takes dedicated time few have. These benefits challenges hold back both small business owners and their employees.

How J. Gregory PEO Provides Turnkey Benefits

J. Gregory PEO makes offering top-tier benefits simple through our HR outsourcing partnership. Our experts handle:

  • Researching benefit providers to find optimal plans at advantageous rates
  • Operating as your benefits broker to get personalized health insurance, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, and more
  • Providing 401(k) platforms, match programs, pensions, and other retirement benefits
  • Managing enrollment, changes due to life events, terminated employee coverage, and all administration
  • Ensuring compliance with COBRA, Section 125, and other benefit regulations
  • Acting as your outsourced benefits partner all year long

The result is a custom benefits package tailored for your workforce and budget.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to J. Gregory PEO

By partnering with J. Gregory PEO for benefits administration, companies gain many advantages:

Broader Options – We open the door to benefits like 401(k)s typically unavailable to small businesses.

Convenience – We handle the entire benefits workload from procurement to compliance.

Cost Savings – Our buying power secures discounted group rates on high-quality plans.

Better Employee Recruitment/Retention – Competitive benefits make you an employer of choice.

Compliance Assurance – Our team ensures your benefits stay legally compliant.

Year-Round Support – Our experts help explain benefits to employees and provide ongoing administration.

To make benefits easy for your business, connect with the experienced team at J. Gregory PEO today.

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