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J. Gregory Howard


Through a relentless focus on understanding client needs, building trust, and delivering innovative solutions, J. Gregory’s leadership enables clients to achieve their goals.

Jason Rubin

Chief Operating Officer

Jason’s commitment to operational excellence and passion for nurturing talent enables J. Gregory PEO to deliver high-quality services and products to clients consistently.

Justin P. Allbright

CFO/General Counsel

Justin’s financial stewardship and strategic insights fuel J. Gregory PEO’s growth by aligning investments with long-term goals and ensuring financial discipline.

Tiana Cozzette

Executive Assistant to the CEO

As executive assistant to the CEO, Tiana enables smooth operations and great customer experience through her organizational prowess, proactive approach, and commitment to anticipating the leadership team’s needs.

Griff Howard

Executive VP of Accounting

Kristi Arthur

Executive VP of Operations

Heather Kralik

Director of Payroll

Danielle Caprario

Operations Project Manager

Renee Bryant

Director of Risk Management

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Pick a PEO that puts your success first.



We consider our employees family. It offers a strong foundation for how we conduct business on a daily basis. We view our clients as an extension of our family. That is why we offer an exceptional balance of work and life.



Our word is our bond. Our business is conducted with the highest regard to honesty and integrity.


Dream Big

Our team strives to improve every day personally and professionally. through commitment and support, we reach heights most people think is impossible.



Great is only the beginning. We are a “WOW” based company in serving our clients and each other in doing everything we can to help others achieve their goals. We are proud to be problem solvers who listen, evaluate, and guide you and your company. WE LIVE TO DELIVER “WOW!”



We create a happy environment for our clients and ourselves.



By embracing our core values, we achieve prosperity.



We live and breathe gratitude. Providing a service that is easy to be appreciated and unmatched by our competition.

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